Chaosium starts the Basic Roleplaying: Universal Game Engine Design Challenge

Chaosium Basic Roleplaying Challenge
Image by Chaosium Inc.

The BRP Design Challenge is a competiton open to tabletop roleplaying game designers worldwide, and will award cash prizes to 10 designers.

The focus of the BRP Design Challenge is to financially assist new and upcoming creators in bringing their games to publication (be that digital or print). Chaosium seeks to empower designers from all walks of life, with original ideas, concepts, and systems, with the goal of seeing all shortlisted entries eventually published—there is no cost to enter the BRP Design Challenge. 

As part of submission, entrants will need to provide a production budget for their game, as well as an outline on how the winnings from the BRP Design Challenge will help bring their game to life—this could be the hiring of a graphic designer or layout artist, commissioning key and interior art for the book, paying writers and editors, creation of a Kickstarter video, etc. Additionally, entrants are asked to provide information outlining the marketability of their game, how the BRP rules have been used, and what makes their system, setting, and/or experience unique. 

All entrants retain ownership of their work in its entirety. Chaosium does not require the signing over of rights of any kind in order to enter the BRP Design Challenge. Additionally, winners and shortlisted entries will also retain ownership and—regardless of what winnings may be received as part of this competition—may still publish their games royalty-free under the ORC license.

Entry to the BRP Design Challenge is free and open to all. Submissions are open now, and will close on May 31st, 2024 at 11:59pm Pacific US time.

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