Interview with DnD, Call of Cthulhu and Warhammer Illustrator Victor Leza

Beast arises Victor Leza News
Artwork by Victor Leza

The interview was originally published by, one of the most successful German-language blogs for role-playing games. Both the interviewee and the interviewer are not native English speakers. Please keep that in mind.

Victor Leza’s real name is Victor Manuel Leza Moreno. He’s a fantastic illustrator and my favorite artist for roleplaying books. He has worked for Call of Cthulhu, Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer, which is reason enough for me, Murphy, to be an even bigger fan of his work.

Thank you, dear Victor, for taking part in this interview. First of all, to make that clear, sort of question 0: Is AI a threat to you?

It will undoubtedly bring changes and bad times for those who do not know how to adapt to this technological revolution; But it doesn’t have to be a threat but rather an opportunity. I think that just as what happened at the time with the arrival of Phostoshop compared to the so-called traditional techniques, AIs are a new tool that will bring a new way of working better, faster and more efficient. That does not mean that he is not intimidated and feels dizzy about the situation; But I try to see the good side of things.

What is your favorite world to work in, Call of Cthulhu or Warhammer Fantasy?

I think Warhammer. Well, I’ve known it for longer and I was a fan since I was little. It has more action, more lore and is more brutal; although all the mystery surrounding Lovecraft’s creation is also very addictive to me and I have read most of his literature.

Conan Bragelonne Victor Leza News
Artwork by Victor Leza

How did you get to work in role-playing game companies?

I prepared a portfolio with free art on fantasy, horror and science fiction and sent my work to several publishers until they responded, I received the first commissions and I have continued working since then. It was not easy; Well, you must reach them at the precise moment in which they lack an illustrator because someone regular fails them; but with patience and insistence you can get an opportunity.

What is it like working on books like this? What is it like for you to make a world visible to so many people?

I try to enjoy the process because that is the best way for things to turn out well. I was a consumer of this type of entertainment material since I was little and I am still a fan; So I am aware of the weight and importance that good art has for the consumer who wants to escape. There are other authors whom I greatly admire and whose covers I have reviewed again and again while reading a novel; so if in some way I have managed to do that for someone (make them imagine, disconnect, escape), I am very glad to have achieved that effect.

Are you being recognized, even a celebrity? Are you a star in the RPG scene?

I don’t know, I don’t think about it much. I don’t follow social networks. I only think about doing well each new job because that is the only way for things to go well.

Why don’t the images always match the descriptions?

I guess it’s a mix between the creative freedom that the art director gives you and the freedom that the illustrator himself takes.. I guess art is not exact mathematics. Hahahaha.

You are my favorite roleplay illustrator ever. Do you realize what you do for many of us?

Reign of Terror Victor Leza News
Artwork by Victor Leza

Thank you very much for your words. They fill me with joy. As I said before, I feel deep gratitude to other illustrators and content creators who have made my imagination fly. Are you saying that I have managed to do that too, even just a little bit? I’m very happy to know it.

Are there many illustrators in Spain?

There are good illustrators everywhere. Nowadays with the internet you can be connected to the good people and talent that emerges on every side of the world.

What has been your favorite project so far and why?

Surely when I worked on the interior illustrations for the 20th Anniversary Edition of Game of Thrones for Penguin Random House. I greatly admire the series and the books; so illustrating something you are such a fan of is very exciting.

Hand on heart: is it talent or hard work to become a great illustrator?

I think both. Without a doubt, there are people who have an easier time than others learning about mathematics, or art, or sports skills; but constant work is essential. I think it is the taste for a specific task (or the obsession with something) that makes you dedicate many many hours to something you like; and because of this constant practice you learn faster and progress. I think that people who stand out doing something, it is not usually because they have too much intelligence; but for having plenty of enthusiasm and pleasure in doing what you are passionate about.

Do you play role-playing games yourself?

Yeah; Of course, I also play although I have little time and I would like to be able to play more.

Visit for more of his beautiful art.

Beast arises Victor Leza News
Artwork by Victor Leza

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