New Paranoia core book & accomplice book

Paranoia core book
Image by Mongoose Publishing

The all new shiny Paranoia. This is one of those rulebooks that’s fun to read and even more fun to play. Paranoia does not take itself seriously, so we can find dark humour in bureaucracy, politics, businesses, and a lot more. No sacred cows but one – make sure the GM and players are all having a great time. Is that not refreshing for a roleplaying game? Maybe that is why this science fiction RPG has won lots of awards over the years.

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The Paranoia Accomplice Book

The ‘companion’ to the Paranoia Core Book, the Accomplice Book provides a massive amount of support for the GM, including mission generators, Alpha Complex celebrities, and conversions so you can use any Paranoia book from any edition (except that edition) with the latest, and most perfect, rules.

Ceck out The Accomplice Book

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