Paizo and Natural Pengu partner up

Paizo and Natural Pengu team up
Image by Paizo

Paizo and Natural Pengu announced a partnership, spanning their virtual tabletop and actual play program. Tapping into the power of Paizo’s amazing Remastered Pathfinder Core Books, the Natural Pengu team of storytellers is geared up to deliver the ultimate VTT experience along with loads of exciting new Twitch content!

Natural Pengu is a virtual tabletop, aiming to simplify the world of tabletop roleplaying games for both seasoned adventurers and newcomers. No longer will you need to juggle multiple browser tabs or spend countless hours on game preparation. Natural Pengu presents a one-stop solution that seamlessly integrates your tabletop gaming needs into one user-friendly platform.

The first fruit of this collaboration is the Player Core Toolkit, with early access release on November 15th.

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