Chaosium releases free Rivers of London RPG solo adventure

Rivers of London The Domestic
Image by Chaosium Inc.

Ann Arbor, MI—Chaosium Inc, publisher of the Call of CthulhuRuneQuest andPendragon roleplaying games, has released a free introductory solo adventure for their Rivers of London roleplaying game, based on the hugely successful urban fantasy novels by Ben Aaronovitch.

‘The Domestic’ is a 36 page solo adventure that introduces you to the rules and setting of the Rivers of London Roleplaying Game as you play it. No GM needed!

Choose to play as a magic-wielding police officer, nurse, or social worker in a game set in the world of the Rivers of London series. Armed with this book, a pencil, and some roleplaying dice, you are ready to take on your first case for the Folly.

‘The Domestic’ is based on Rivers of London creator Ben Aaronovitch’s short story of the same name.

Can you solve the mystery on Prince of Wales Road? 
Download the FREE 34 page PDF here.

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