A Life Well Lived, Cubicle 7 Kickstarter

Image by Cubicle7

Cubicle 7 are launching a new Kickstarter next Tuesday, called A Life Well Lived. It’s a cosy 5e supplement about the quiet moments between adventures.

A Life Well Lived gives new rules for character creation, as well as retiring your character! It is tracking well on Kickstarter they say.

A Life Well Lived accompanies an adventurer throughout their life, from their humble origins through their heroicquest, and ultimately, if they’re lucky, their retirement from the dangerous path of adventure.
We created A Life Well Lived to bring our characters to life outside the dungeon. As players we get extremelyattached to our characters, and want to explore a new side of them. Characters are more than just stats andnumbers on a page, and A Life Well Lived allows us to delve deeper into the story behind our heroes in a way that seamlessly blends into the traditional gameplay of 5e and rewards the storytelling each player has within them.

Create fully realised characters whose life experiences influence the skills they learn before the adventure begins. Campcraft Activities let you enjoy the quiet moments around the campfire, as you share stories of the past. Hang up your sword and leave the adventuring life behind as you retire, and see what life has in store for you after the swords and sorcery. Return home and use our Downtime Activities to explore what your hero gets up to between adventures. Build a family, start a business, and enjoy a moment’s peace… until trouble comes knocking once more, dragging you out of retirement and back into the action for one last adventure!

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