Halloween special! Vaesen RPG for free.

Vaesen Cover Halloween Special Free League
Image by Free League

Free League Publishing today revealed that the multiple award-winning tabletop RPG Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying is free for a limited time at DriveThruRPG during October 30–31. Dare to enter the Mythic North – a land where the old Nordic folklore is horrifyingly real.

Get Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying for free at DriveThruRPG!

In dark forests, beyond the mountains, by black lakes in hidden groves. At your doorstep. In the shadows, something stirs. Strange beings. Twisted creatures, lurking at the edge of vision. Watching. Waiting. Unseen by most, but not by you. You see them for what they really are. Vaesen.

Vaesen – Nordic Horror Roleplaying is written by Nils Hintze, based on the work of Swedish illustrator and author Johan Egerkrans. The game presents a dark Gothic setting steeped in Nordic folklore and old myths of Scandinavia. The game mechanics use an adapted version of the award-winning Year Zero Engine.

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