Free Traveller Adventure for Christmas from Mongoose Publishing

Traveller Bu and Embla in a space ship
Image by Mongoose Publishing

Free Christmas Present for all Travellers

Mongoose Publishing has been developing a tradition where every year Travellers get a free PDF – and 2023 is no different!

This year, we present Bu and Embla Visit Vrirhlanz, where the two Travellers explore the Hlanssai homeworld giving you all a showcase of a very out-of-the-way planet and its inhabitants.

You can grab your free Christmas present right here!

“Join Bu and Embla, Travellers of Charted Space, as they visit the world of Vrirhlanz in the Vargr Extents, to take a break with Embla’s family. The homeworld of the Hlanssai, who have made their way throughout Charted Space on ships of the Vargr, Vrirhlanz is as chaotic as the Hlanssai themselves. On a world technically ruled by Vargr, learn how the Hlanssai keep themselves free of outside control and hear Embla’s reflections on her home from the perspective of one who has travelled across entire sectors.”

Wolf cyborg in a bar
Image by Mongoose Publishing

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